Biggest Exporter of Ship Grabs Worldwide

Biggest Exporter of Ship Grabs Worldwide

Biggest Exporter of Ship Grabs Worldwide

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We are one of the Largest Exporter for Ship/Marine Grabs and selling it Worldwide since 35 years and have our in-house Ship Marine Grab Maintenance and repair services in India. 

Guven Grabs & Machine

Radio Remote Control Grab (Zero Shock Opening System)

Comfortable and Efficient Using

NO motor and pump.

NO cable and electric supply.

NO need to operate generators. 

Opens on the air by remote control Closes on the ground by lifting of crane. 

Special design «zero shock opening system»  with high technology.   

No any shake to crane Operating up to 45 degrees angle of cargo with central cylinder.

Up to 400 hours non-stop working without recharging of batteries.

Up to 100 meters operating range Heavy duty remote controller.

Kick plates for reduce the capacity in order to handle different types of bulk cargoes.

Less Maintenance

Simple and basic hydraulic system, 

central hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic block unit

Less hydraulic oil, only 105 liters.

NO complicated electrical system, 

no special cards.

Easy Installation and Fitting

Possible to use any type of crane Always ready to use with all accessories.

NO need additional accessories to use on vessel like cable drum system or chain.  

Connect to hook of crane and work immediately.

Marine Grabs in India

We have been focusing on the Grabs design, R&D, Redesigning and Reconditioning for many years, Marine Grab, Specifically the Remote control Grab its one of the Most commonly asked by Bulk Carriers among the Ship Owners and ports Worldwide. With Best and Excellent Performance, our Grabs are appreciated by our Satisfied Clients Globally. By Improvement on the Hydraulic system and Cable Reel System Grabs oil Temperature and Cable Reel System has been effectively Controlled, Smag Germany Electro hydraulic grabs, radio remote Grabs,and original Japan Tobu grabs, Guven Grabs - Turkey.

In order to satisfy our client needs we never compromise with quality and are responsible  to the clients, the company strictly carries out the Quality, Documentations from Purchasing to final design and till delivery everything is examined.

We have original Smag Germany Electro hydraulic grabs, radio remote Grabs,and original Japan Tobu grabs, Guven Grabs - Turkey


Range of ship grabs / buckets and accessories includes:

  • Mechanical rope grabs / buckets
  • Electro-hydraulic grabs / buckets
  • Radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs /buckets
  • Wood grabs (for wood bundles or wood logs)
  • Dredger grabs / buckets
  • Salvage grabs / buckets
  • Crane equipment / crane accessories for operating electro-hydraulic grabs / buckets
  • Cargo-turners
  • Radio Remote Control Grab
  • Electro Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab
  • Radio Remote Control Orange Peel Grab
  • Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Grab
  • Mechanical Double Wired Clamshell Grab
  • Dredging Facility Grabs
  •  Single Wired Touch Down Mechanical Grab
  • Hydraulic Orange Peel Excavator Grab
  • Mechanical Orange Peel Grabs

If you have any Inquiry or any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will reply you ASAP.

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