Oil Mist Detector

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Oil Mist Detector

The ALANG Hub service maintenance department is augmented by our large inventory of marine spare parts.

ALANG Hub has a large client network across the world including India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, South East, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, UAE, New Zealand, Thailand, New York, Turkey, Russia, Singapore & Latin America. We are having satisfied client base from ship management companies, ship owners, ship repairs, ship suppliers & traders.

Alang Hub can avail high quality range of Oil Mist Detector. It continuously monitors the density of oil mist in the crankcase of a diesel engine and will signal an alarm if the density exceeds a preset threshold. We offer Daihatsu, Graviner, Schaller.

Oil Mist Detectors are efficiently fitted to many ships for continuous monitoring oil mist density present in the crankcase of diesel engine. Our detectors generate a hooting signal when the density gets exceeded to the preset threshold. Further, the Oil Mist Detector has the ability to monitor up to 64 detector heads that are fitted on to 8 engines.

Features :

  • Analog addressable facility
  • Optimum usage
  • Fine integration

Oil Mist Detection systems protect large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines all over the world. So far, more than 50.000 successful OMD installations have been accumulated, directing the company to be the market leader in this specialized field. Most important manufacturers of large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines, such as Wartsila, MAN, Caterpillar, together with most of their licensees all over the world trust in a crankcase protection of their engines by SCHALLER AUTOMATIONs VISATRON Oil Mist Detection Systems. But the systems are not only installed onboard ships but also on engines in Diesel and Gas power plants all over the world.

Schaller Automation, Daihatsu, Graviner are one of the pioneers of Oil Mist Detectors.

GRAVINER Marine Oil Mist Detector

SCHALLER Marine Oil Mist Detector
Visatron VN 115/87 Visatron VN116/87 Visatron VN 215/87

DAIHATSU Oil Mist Detector
Daihatsu MD-9 Daihatsu MD-9M