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Gyro Compass

The ALANG Hub service maintenance department is augmented by our large inventory of marine spare parts.

ALANG Hub has a large client network across the world including India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, South East, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, UAE, New Zealand, Thailand, New York, Turkey, Russia, Singapore & Latin America. We are having satisfied client base from ship management companies, ship owners, ship repairs, ship suppliers & traders.

A gyro compass is a type of non-magnetic compass which is based on a fast-spinning disc and rotation of the Earth (or another planetary body if used elsewhere in the universe) to automatically find geographical direction. Although one important component of a gyrocompass is a gyroscope, these are not the same devices; a gyrocompass is built to use the effect of gyroscopic precession, which is a distinctive aspect of the general gyroscopic effect.

Gyrocompasses are widely used for navigation on ships, because they have two significant advantages over magnetic compasses:

  • They find true north as determined by Earth's rotation, which is different from, and navigationally more useful than, magnetic north, and they are unaffected by ferromagnetic materials, such as ship's steel hull, which change the magnetic field

We deal in all types of old and used/reusable marine gyro compass of various brand like sperry marine,simrad, ANCHUTZ etc.collected from ship recycling yard ALANG,INDIA.

Sperry Marine
SR120 SR180 MK I SR220 Navigat X MK I
NaviStar Satellite Compass

Raytheon Anschutz
Standard IV Standard VI Standard 14
GyroStar II Standard 20 Standard 22

Tokimec – Tokyo Keiki
TG 5000 Stand alone type TG 5000 Steering Console type
TG 6000 Stand alone type TG 6000 Steering console type

Yokogawa – Denshikiki
CMZ 300 CMZ 300X CMZ 500 Stand alone type CMZ 500 Steering Console type, MCZ 700, CMZ 900
CMZ 500 Steering Console type MCZ 700, CMZ 900

Simrad – Robertson
RGC 11 RGC 12 RGC 50
GC 80/85 GC 101

C Plath
Navigat II – Stand alone or Steering console type