Deadline Anchor

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Deadline Anchor


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Deadline Anchor

The deadline anchor is used to tie down the drill line and measure the load suspended from the top drive (i.e., hook load). The wire drum attached to the anchor is designed to rotate during a slip-and-cut procedure. The reliability of our deadline anchor is important to a vessel's operational safety.

What is deadline anchor?



The fixed point on a drill rig or deadman to which a deadline of a block and tackle is attached.

Deadline Anchor

Standard deadline anchors of different sizes and capacities as left-hand and right-hand design.

Custom-made deadline anchors are also available.


Available capacities:

• 60 000–100 000 pounds deadline pull


Unique Features

• Heavy-duty, high-grade structural steel
• Tapered roller anti-friction bearings
• Bronze wireline clamp
• Machined grooved drum
• Left-hand models available
• Deadline anchor manufactured according to API 8C
• CE conformity
• ATEX conformity on request



Designed to be used with compression load cells, the Deadline Anchors are made from
high-grade structural steel for operation in harsh work environments from -40°C up to +55°C.

The Deadline Anchors are designed, fabricated and tested in  own yard with
its high-quality manufacturing standard and in accordance with API 8C.