Drill Pipe Spinner

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Drill Pipe Spinner


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A Safer and More Efficient Drillpipe Spinner 

Safety Has to Come first

▪ We all know safety is crucial in this industry and finding ways to ensure safety for the men on the rig should always be at the forefront. 
▪ As you can see, there are significant amounts of safety yellow with protective handles so the Pipe spinner operator knows exactly where to put their hands
 ▪ In addition, there are pinch point stickers attached

Flexibility is Key 

▪ ”I often tell people if I was going to build a 30 foot robot with two arms, the hands would be my pipe spinner.”

 ▪ 95 % of this pipe spinner can be used directly to go into an iron roughneck simply by removing the rear Hawe mounting plate and the two section Hawe. 
    The spinner hanger can be removed and the spinner is ready to be installed on an iron roughneck 

Adaptability of the Spinner

▪ We then attached two torque arrestors around the yellow vertical pipe spinner hanger, attached two hydraulic hoses and the spinner is ready to go to work on the Iron Roughneck.
 ▪ The two section Hawe valve bank can be used as well by simply adding 5 more valve sections to it for the roughneck functions. 
▪ The OPI Iron Roughneck can be used horizontally and in about in any other angle you want to manipulate it into.