Personnel Transfer Basket

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Personnel Transfer Basket

Personnel Transfer Basket 

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Personnel transfer basket is intended for marine offshore and ship to ship transfer, which enhances safety levels for personnel being lifted between two vessels say ship to ship or ship to boat, between a tanker and a ship, between a vessel and a quayside, between installations and so on.

Personnel Basket is an offshore basket designed to promote safety and enhance confidence levels during personnel transfers. It plays a vital role in transferring the crew safely to another destination.

Personnel Basket Norsok r002 Approved

The world’s first personnel basket 100% Norsok approved with space for up to 4 persons

The Personnel Basket Briefly

The SAFE TRANSFER  personnel basket Norsok approved is “non-collapsible”, 100% manufactured in the EU, and made of AISI316L stainless steel welded to form a corrosion-resistant rigid frame. The flooring is made in 5 mm aluminum plates with a non-skid surface.

All screws, nuts and bolts are made in AISI 316 stainless steel to be well protected when in offshore operation. 

Lifting Sling for the basket Norsok Approved

The lifting sling contains two independent slings, one of which is an elastic compensator the other either a chain-sling or a wire-sling depending on the customers’ wish. Each of the slings carries the basket with its payload, in case the other sling collapses.

Available in a length of 3mtr. or 5mtr. the lifting sling is attached to the crane hook with two large master links sizes 32*270*140 (mm).

Your Safety is our Business

Ensuring, safe, quick and cost-effective personnel transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs and vessels the Safe Transfer basket is extremely popular.

The basket is constructed to enhance safety and comfort level for personnel during transfers.

Evacuating a Person

The basket can also be adapted with a rescue stretcher for safe evacuation of injured. Thereby will a stretcher equipped to the basket for the safely transport the injured person, while 2 rescuers stand beside the stretcher in the basket. A stretcher adapted for the basket safely transport the injured person, while 2 rescuers stand beside the stretcher in the basket.

The stretcher mounted to the basket by using ratchet straps doesn’t need any other tools to ensure safe and rapid transport of the injured person.