Furuno Radar FR 1510 Mk 2 Used Aftermarket

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Furuno Radar FR 1510 Mk 2 Used Aftermarket

Furuno Radar FR 1510 Mk 2 Models FR-150 Spears Parts5/1510/1525MARK-3


Models FR-1505/1510/1525 MARK-3

Daylight-bright 15-inch multi-color, high-resolution display 

■ Logarithmic amplifier receiver 

■ 16-level yellow or green display with day and night color palette 

■ Dual EBLs and VRMs, with floating origin 

■ Head-Up, Course-Up, North-Up or Headup True Bearing and True Motion modes

 ■ True or relative echo trails 

■ Two target alarm zones 

■ 10-target Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) with true or relative vectors

 ■ Two user-programmable function keys for one-touch optimized radar setting

 ■ Optional 20-target Auto Plotter ARP-17 (ATA)

 ■ Optional Video Plotter RP-17 

■ Optional interface board to provide video output for external monitor

 ■ Optional 42 rpm gearbox available

The FURUNO FR-1505/1510/1525 MARK-3 X-band radars will reinforce Furuno's long established tradition of high performance and reliability. They meet the exacting international and national performance standards for use on ships requiring a radar with the display diameter of 180 mm. The Video Plotter RP-17 is available when Radar Mapping function is also required. The 1505/1510/1525 MARK-3 employ advanced video processing techniques for improved noise rejection and automatic clutter suppression. They also feature clearly distinguished target trails from real targets by different color tones and accurate plotting, manually or automatically.